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Packages that use LIRCEvent
org.lirc Java client API to receive signals from infrared remote controls using the LIRC or WINLirc packages. 
org.lirc.util Utility classes for use with the org.lirc package. 

Uses of LIRCEvent in org.lirc

Methods in org.lirc with parameters of type LIRCEvent
 void LIRCListener.received(LIRCEvent e)
          Invoked when an IR signal has been received.

Uses of LIRCEvent in org.lirc.util

Methods in org.lirc.util with parameters of type LIRCEvent
 java.lang.String LIRCMap.get(LIRCEvent e)
          Gets the String that matches a LIRCEvent.
 boolean LIRCMap.Entry.match(LIRCEvent e)
          Checks if this Entry matches a given button - remote combination and repeat value.